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An Application exists in the global part of a Configuration Management Point, where it can be configured and assigned to global units and groups.

It can also be assigned to one or more Business Units, which means it will be available inside the boundaries of the Business Unit, where it can be assigned to its units and groups.

An Application can be linked to units in multiple Business Units through a global group, on the condition that the Application is also available to each of the Business Units where the units exist. To illustrate this with an example:

Consider an Application ‘OneNote’ being linked to a global dynamic group which has three computers as members ‘C1’, ‘C2’ and ‘C3’. C1 and C2 reside in two different Business Units, which both have OneNote assigned, while C3 reside in a Business Unit without OneNote. The result will be that only C1 and C2 will get the Application.

When an Application should no longer be available in a  Business Unit it can be unassigned. This means it will also be unlinked from any groups or units inside that Business Unit.




If you want to...

You can...

Assign Applications to a business unit

Assign profiles/applications to a Business Unit

Unassign Applications from a business unit

Simply right click it inside the business unit and select 'Unassign from Business Unit'
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