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Working with reports for several years has given us the possibility to provide and share our best practice guidance on this area.



Define an administrator of the site

Point out a person to be responsible for the management of this side, to ensure the structure created will be maintained and continually useful.

Life cycle for reports

Some report may live for a week other s for year. Due to the fact that several different people might use the report different, it is important to ensure a process for managing, deploying, using, deleting and retiring report is created and used.

Tree view structure

It is important to create a structure on the Report Manager website which is easy to use and will add value to the business. Ask the users of the report how they will use the reports.

Define useful user groups and folders

Based on the needs from business logical folder must be created. Ensure names are logical and recognizable.

Setup security

Different business areas are allowed to use different information. After the creation of the structure, and before going live, ensure the security it set up correct.


Make sure the business is informed about the Report Manager website and the area you have created for them. Follow up on the feedback and continue to improve the reports to meet the need from the users. Having reports and data available is essential for effective management, but if you do not know the information is available, you cannot use it.



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