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The catalog is a collection of optional packages that users can browse and run according to their own perceived needs. It is available via the CapaInstaller Info Center, which runs on all CapaInstaller Clients. The following is a guide in working with Catalog Groups.

Establishing Catalog Groups



Create a catalog group

Users are able to browse the catalog by group. This will make it much easier for them to find the packages they are looking for, especially for large catalogs. You must establish a group before you will be able to assign packages to it.

Add packages to a catalog group

The catalog only includes packages that have been specifically configured to be made available in this way. Packages not in the catalog can only be run according to commands made by a manager using the CapaInstaller Console.

Info Center in CapaInstaller

Users have access to the catalog through the CapaInstaller Info Center, which is shown in the Windows system tray (the collection of icons in the task bar next to the clock, which is usually at the bottom right corner of the screen). From here, they can open the catalog, browse its groups and select packages to run on their machine.

Right clicking on a catalog group brings the following:




This will delete the catalog group


This will show the properties window for the catalog group.


If you want to learn how to create a group Create group.


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