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Application group licenses can be used to validate licenses per department and get an overall status on registered and used licenses.




Choose the Reporting and Queries plugin.


Click on Software in the toolbar



Right-click on the Application groups treenode


Click Check license and this view is displayed

The compliance check is based on the specifications in Options for Reporting and Queries (Tools -> Options -> Reporting and Queries)

Department Compliance


All departments has the number of licenses requiered.

Not Compliant

One or more of the departments is using more licenses than registered.

Licenses not definedLicenses has not been entered for any departments.

Overall Compliance*


The number of registered licenses is higher then the used licenses.

Not Compliant warning

The number of registered licenses is between zero and the warning number.

Not Compliant

More licenses is used, than the number of registered licenses.

Licenses not definedLicenses has not been entered.

The overall license is done on all the licenses entered and used, including the licenses for departments

If you want to...

You can...

Work with application groupsWork with application groups

Create new application group

Create new Application group to see how.

Work with application group license

Define application group licenses to see how.

Set software license warning

Reporting and Queries Options

Process Software GroupProcess Licenses
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