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The following is a description of the Configuration Management Point (CMP) in the Configuration Management and System Management.
A CMP is a point from which the configuration and lifecycle of packages, units, groups and Management Servers are managed. Our recommendations are to create a development, test and production environment, by creating a Configuration Management Point for each of these. Each Configuration Management Point contains software, units like pc´s and printers, groups like departments, business areas or countries and also one or more Management Servers.
The structure of this is based on the Infrastructure, and must reflect this. Every package will be created on the Development Configuration Management Point, and promoted to the Test Configuration Management Point, for test, and afterward released for production. Every step in a controlled and managed environment throughout the lifecycle of software deployment. Click any link to learn more about related items.

Right-clicking on a Configuration Management Point




Opens the Promote form where the Management Point files as well as the packages can be promoted to the child Management Point.


Open folder in Windows Explorer

Will open windows explorer at the directory of the Configuration Management point.

The option to promote will only be available if the Management Point has a child Management Point.


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