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Configuring OSD Loader



User name

Specify the user name that you want to use for connecting to the OSD share on the server.


Specify the password that you want to be used to validate against the server.

Startup password

Specify this value to force a password at the start of WINPE boot sequence.

No startup password on reinstallSpecify if startup password should be on reinstall
Show hardware information errorspecify weather to show hardware information errors or not

Disable command prompt

Set this to True to prevent users from opening a command prompt using CTRL+F10 during the OSDLOADER process.

Run command prompt on error

Specify if you want a command prompt to be displayed if OSD Loader is unable to locate and launch OSD GUI.

Maximum network retries

Specify the number of retries OSD will do to connect to the OSD share, increase this number to remediate issues with network timeouts during OSD startup.

No startup password on reinstall

If a startup password is specified it will be required for reinstallations also, unless this option is enabled.

Translate servername to IP address

Disable this option to prevent OSD from converting the servername supplied for reinstallation, to an IP address.

Show hardware information on error

Allow users to browse hardware information if OSD is unable to startup correctly, this is very useful when troubleshooting network driver issues.

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