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Create linked reports for each Business Units on the Reporting Services server. Each Business Unit is created as a folder, and linked reports is created in each of the Business Unit.

To create reports used for linked reports go to Create report for linked reports with Business Unit.

Read here about, what is a linked report




Click on File/Create linked reports to Business units, the following window will open.


In the treeview select the template item, you want to create as linked reports. It can be a folder or a specific report.

If a folder is selected, this folder can contain subfolders, which also will be created under each Business Unit.

The reports to be used for linked reports must contain a parameter for Business unit (Para_Bu), or a linked report for that report, will not be created.

Template is pre-selected as default, and will be saved when cloing the form.



Select the folder to position the linked reports in. The folder "/CapaInstaller Business Units/Business Units" is pre-selected default.

Business Units folder is pre-selected as default, and will be saved when closing the form.


The folder structure under CapaInstaller Business Units is created when connecting to Reporting Services first time.


Click OK to create the linked reports.

If you want to...

You can...

Create a custom made report

Create a report to see how.

Create report for linked reportsCreate report for linked reports with Business Unit

Manage report services

Manage reporting services to see how.

Deploy to reporting services

Deploy to reporting services to see how.

What isLinked reports
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