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By enabling the Database Connector Service (CDS), SQL access is made possible to programs and service from the outside of the firewall.The Data Connection Service is used to provide http communcation to services placed outside the primary firewall, instead of having to allow SMB and SQL server traffic to travel through the firewall.


This tab resembles the property page for the service found in the services of the control panel. Each of the settings available in each tab of this dialog is described below.





Service status

Status of the Data Connection Service. Equivalent to services in the control panel.

Service Name

The name of the service used by the operating system.

Display name

The name you will see in services in the control panel.


Description of the service.

Startup type

The type of the service. This can be either; automatic, manual or disabled. The default value is automatic.

Last heartbeat

This is a timestamp for the last synchronization activity.

Path to executable

The full path to the program that is started by the service.


On the database tab, you can change the authentication method to the SQL server.





SQL server

The SQL server that the Data Connection Service connects to.

SQL database

The SQL database that holds the CapaInstaller Management Solution database.


Clicking on this button the CIDal settings.xml is updated with the correct database.

Use Windows authentication

Instructs Data Connection Service to establish a database connection by identifying itself with the computer account.

Use SQL authentication

When this radio button is selected, the Data Connection Service will connect to the database with the credentials in the user name and password fields.

User name

The user name used to connect to the database when SQL authentication is selected.


The password that goes with the user name stated above.


On the config tab, you can change the url and certificate.






The certificate used to validate the connection.


The certificate thumbprint.

Port Number

The HTTPS port number the service listen on.

Http Port

The port number used for HTTP communication.

Public url

This url is used to communicate with the service.




Clicking this button commits any changes that you may have made and closes the dialog.


Cancels any changes made, and closes the dialog.



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