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Reporting Services drill down is a link between two reports, for more information about one of the items in the report. Reporting Services drill down is implemented in the reports with a hyper link from one report to another report. The hyper link is placed in one of the columns in the report and when clicking the hyper link a new report is displayed with more information about the clicked item. In CapaInstaller it is possible to drill down with a computer, user, device, software, update or package.
When a report with drill down support is displayed, a number of drill down Reports is selectable in a drop down box. The available drill down reports is located in the database and are deployed when enabling drill down for a Reporting Services report.




Click on File.


Click on Deploy to reporting services or Deploy predefined reports to reporting services.




If you want to enable drill down, check the check box


If drill down is enabled, you can choose whether you want export the drill down reports.

If you choose not to export, then drill down report have to be on the Reporting Services server, or the drill down will not be working.

5Enable Export drilldown as a Service, to be able in the drill down reports to filter on Departments.


The drill down reports it automatically deployed to folder /CMS/Drill down on the Reporting Services

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