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Revoke VPP Licenses

VPP Licenses can be assigned to either a user or a device, and both can be manually revoked or you can configure the system so licenses are automatically revoked when applications are removed from devices.

Manually revoking license

In System Administration find your licensed application in Software Accounts - Apple Volume Purchase Programs - >your VPP account< - Licenses. Once selected in the navigation pane, you can see all your licenses for the application in the content view on the right. The assigned licenses can be revoked be selecting one or more of them, right clicking and choosing Revoke License. The screenshot below shows that a license for the application Evernote has been assigned to both the device and the user of the device 'Aan's iPad'. In this situation it might be beneficial to revoke one of them to make it available for another device or user.

Similarly, you can revoke licenses from a VPP User in System Administration. Selecting a User in your VPP Account, will list the licenses assigned to that user in the content view on the right. Select one or more of those licenses, right click, and choose Revoke License.

Before revoking a user-assigned license, it is recommended to verify that the user does not need the license on other devices.

Licenses can also be revoked from the detailview of a device. The screenshot below shows an iOS device selected in Configuration Management, and the VPP Licenses tab selected in the detailview. The licenses listed can be revoked by selecting one or more of them, right clicking and choosing Revoke.

Automatically revoking licenses

When a Device Application configured to use VPP Licenses, is unlinked or removed from a device, any license assigned to the device or the Apple ID of the device will be revoked by the system. It will not revoke a user-assigned license however, if it detects that the Apple ID is active on another device that has that same Device Application installed.


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