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The following is a description of how to use Reporting Management.



Check Application Group licenseValidates the entered licenses

Create a report

Create a new report.

Define report criteria

Specify details about the report.

Delete report

Delete any report or dynamic group created in CMS

Deploy to reporting services

Move your custom reports to reporting services.

Deploy predefined reports to reporting services

Move your predefined reports to reporting services.

Enable reporting services drill down

Learn to activate drill down

Manage reporting services

Manage the Report Manager web site.

Preview a report

Look at a report before printing it out.

Reporting column order

Define the order of the columns in the report view.

Open an existing report

Open an already created report.

Column setup

Decide which columns to view.

Report Static criteriaCreate criteria on a static item
Create Software vendor reportCreate report for Software vendors

Troubleshooting Reporting and Queries

Error handling in Reporting Manager.



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