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This payload can be used to enforce a passcode on the device. The payload doesn't give the actual passcode but merely states the requirements that the user passcode must fulfill.


YesForce PINDoes the device need to have a PIN code protection[Checked]
Yes Allow Simple Value

Is it allowed to use a number sequence like '123' or 'ABC'

YesRequire Alphanummeric Value

Must the passcode contain alphanummeric values ?

[Not Checked]

Minimum Passcode Length

Minimum number of characters


Minimum number of complex characters

Minimum number of complex characters (e.g. !#£$) ?


Minimum number of numeric characters

Minimum number of numeric characters (e.g. 184) ? [Only for Android]


Minimum number of alphabetic character

Minimum number of numeric alphabetic (e.g. AbC) ? [Only for Android]


Maximum Passcode Age

Maximum days for which the user can keep the same passcode

YesMaximum Auto-lock

Maximum idle minutes before the device lock the screen


Maximum Number of Failed attempts

Maximum number of failed attemps before the device will secure lock


Passcode History

How long a history of previously used passcodes which no longer can be used must be stored

YesMaximum Grace Period for Device LockMaximum number of minutes in which a locked device can be unlocked without using a passcodeImmediately

Allow weak biometric passcodeIf the Android device has a fingerprint scanner or other biometric identification available, this can be used instead of an alphanumeric passcode[Checked]
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