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Creates a new dial-up connection. A modem is required. 
The function fails if you specify a wrong device name



RAS_CreateModemConnection(sConnectionName,sCountryCode,sAreaCode,sTelephoneNumber,sDeviceName,sDialUpType) As Boolean



sConnectionName (String)

A friendly name for the connection

sCountryCode (String)

Prefix country code. Empty string can be specified

sAreaCode (String)

Prefix area code. Empty string can be specified

sTelephoneNumber (String)

Telephone number to be dialed

sDeviceName (String)

Name of the modem, e.g. ZyXEL Omni 56K

sDialUpType (String)

Dial-Up type e.g. PPP or Slip


If bStatus Then bStatus = RAS_CreateModemConnection("ACME", "", "", "80808080", "Standard 28800 bps Modem", "PPP")

Scripting Guidelines


Related functions

RAS_IsRasInstalled RAS_GetConnectionPath RAS_SetTCPIPProperties RAS_SetUIProperties RAS_SetVPNSecurityProperties RAS_DeleteConnection

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