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The Replicator is responsible for replicating information and commands between the database and one or more Management Servers. Information returned by clients, such as inventories and package status, is copied by the client on its Management Server. The Replicator assigned to the Management Server will collect the information and add it to the database so that it can be seen in the CapaInstaller Console.
Commands/Orders made in the CapaInstaller Console are processed by the Replicator. There must be at least one Replicator installed in the solution, and one Replicator can process more than one Management Server. Various Replicator tasks can also be divided between Replicators on different machines to spread the load. The Replicator is an service that is designed to run continuously. Its tasks include:

  • Update dynamic and active directory groups
  • Process inventory and other information from the client
  • Maintains files in the resource folder on the Management Server
  • Process Commands from the Management Console and SDK to the Management Server
  • Various database tasks


Right click on the replicator service brings the following possibilities:



Remove Replicator

This will delete the Replicator.

Replicator Service Properties

Properties for the Replicator.