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Report static criteria is report item, that can be added as a column eg. Department, Unit State, Unit Device type. The column does not have to be added.




Click on Reporting and Queries.


Click on Tools/Static Criteria.



Select one of the static criterias in the list


Click OK accept the selected item


The normal criteria form will be displayed. View the guide for Define Report criteria here


If you want to...

You can...

Create a custom made report

Create a report to see how.

Define Report criteriaDefine criteria on Report items

Preview a report

Preview a report to see how.

See recent reports

File/Recent reports, a list of the recently used reports will show.

Setup Columns

Column setup to see how.

Export to reporting services

Deploy to reporting services to see how.

Change column order

Reporting column order to see how.

Define report criteria

Define report criteria to see how.

Open an existing report

Open an existing report to see how.

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