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The following is a description of how to restart the Agent.
The CapaInstaller Agent can be restarted on computers from Configuration Management using two methods. Which of these methods will be used is defined in the Configuration Management options.
If the chosen method is Console the window below will be shown, where the progress of restarting the agents can be followed live.
If the method chosen is to let the replicator handle it, restarting agents on a computer will happen behind the scenes, and you will not be able to watch the progress.




Open Configuration Management/ find the computer to restart, right click it and select Restart agent.
The above window opens.


Click Cancel to abort the restart.


Click Close to close the window after attempts to restart all the agents have finished.





In the top left corner of the window, there are a set of options.

Auto close

You can set the window to auto close on success, always auto close, or never auto close. This can also be specified in Configuration Management options.

Always on top

If this is checked, the window will stay on top of all other windows, including Internet Explorer, Word etc.


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