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The Service Installation Service/Health Service consist of two purposes.
The Service Installation part is capable of run a command file containing various commands used to install a CapaInstaller service.
The same service act a scheduler for the health check script, hence the Health Check Service name.
The service is based on Visual Basic 6 and does not require Microsoft .NET Framework. Because of that it is also suitable for installing the Framework as part of the service installation procedure.
The service is a x86 based service only and will run in x86 context on Windows x64




Health Check Script

This script ensures that the components of CapaInstaller Agent and Client are available and installed.
In cases that the health check script is unable to automatically repair the components, the Health Check script returns the unhealthy state to the CMS database if possible.
Please refer to the description of that script in:
<root>\CapaInstaller Agent\CapaInstaller Agent Health Check


The interval is set from the Agent Configuration in the System Administration plug-in.
This interval is locally set for the Agent Health service in registry by the CapaInstaller Agent Service.
The registry location is:
HKLM\Software\CapaSystems\CapaInstaller\Utilities\HealthCheck,Interval (dword)
The value is in seconds


The Health Check script execution can be triggered by setting the registry value:
HKLM\Software\CapaSystems\CapaInstaller\Utilities\HealthCheck,Run (string)
The value must be set to "True" in order to trig the Health Check script execution.
The value can be set by the Agent service to ensure agent health before running the Agent (certain conditions apply).

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