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The following is a description of the Buffer in CapaInstaller

As you use the CapaInstaller Console, much of your work will involve applying packages to units, assembling units into groups and doing other tasks that involve applying settings to several items at once.

If a collection of units are not located in the same folder, drag and drop allows you to apply them to a package one at a time. Using the buffer you can accomplish similar operation, but apply several units to a package at once using copy/paste.
Unlike most other programs, which hold just one item in the copy buffer at a time, the buffer in Configuration Management grows each time you add a new unit to it, thereby including all of the units that you have copied in the current session. This is useful if you need to look under several different headings to find all of the units you want to add to a new group or package.
Configuration Management includes two separate buffers: one for units and one for packages. The windows look alike and in this description the Unit buffer window is used.



Unit types

You choose which unit types you want to display by checking or un-checking the checkboxes in the top of the window.

The context

Here the units or packages matching the selected unit types are listed.


Right-click on a unit/package in the buffer:




Removes the selected item(s) from the buffer. Pressing the delete key will accomplish the same.



These two icons in Configuration Management represent the unit buffer and package buffer. This appearance of the icons indicates that both buffers are empty.

These icons indicate that both buffers contain items.


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