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The following is a description of the common troubleshooting tools available for the Configuration Management installation. Some of the common pitfalls are listed with suggestions for solutions.






This log contains information about all operations conducted from CapaInstaller.
A new log file is created for each session.

To view the current log, press F2 or click the menu View / View Log / Current Log.

To see all the logs, click the menu View / View Log / View History.




Possible cause

Configuration Management Point doesn’t load.

If security is enabled, the Configuration Management Point must be linked to a profile you are a member of. This can be done in System Administration and before it takes effect in Configuration Management you must restart CapaInstaller.

Units are not shown

If group security is enabled, you have to link units to your profile in System Administration. This can be done directly by linking the unit to the security group, or indirectly by linking the Management Server on which the desired units resides on.



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