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The following information is the description of the Configuration Management units and their possibilities. Units are the Configuration Items (CI) in the company’s infrastructure, and they are registered in the CapaInstaller Management Database (CMDB).
Out of the box they have been divided into different areas. Each unit can be linked to another unit, like a user having a computer which is both connected to a printer and another device like a scanner, mobile phone or camera. Having relations makes change management easier and ensure all related CI´s can be identified, according to best practice. This will minimize the impact on business when the change is released due to the possibility of testing all part involved.
These are the following unit folders:

  • Computers and Devices
  • Users
  • Printers
  • Other Assets





Computers in Configuration Management

Manage the individual computers in the daily operation tasks.

Mobile DevicesManage the individual mobile devices like smart phones and tablets in the organization.


User management of the users in your company.

Printer management

Printer management, assign, import, delete and use.

Other devices

Other devices like projectors, cameras etc. These devices are defined and created in Asset Management:

Right-click on a unit node will bring you the following opportunities:



Create a unit

Opens the Create Unit form, where you can create a new unit. The type of the unit depends on the type of node was clicked.

Create a folder

Opens the Create Folder form, where a sub folder to the current folder can be created.



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