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The following is a description of the Update Details area.





A short description of the purpose of the update.

More information

A link to Microsoft and their description of the update.


Indicates whether or not you can remove the update.

Restart behavior

Indicates whether or not the computer has to be restarted after installation of the update.

May request user input

Indicates whether or not the user of the computer will be prompted for input during installation.

Must be installed exclusive

Indicates whether or not the update must be installed separately.

Microsoft license terms

If any license terms are available, a link is shown here. Click the link to view the license terms. Licenses will automatically be accepted during approval.



The category and product this update is a part of.

Updates superceding this update

Indicates if updates exist that supercede this update.

Updates superceded by this update

Indicates if this updates is superceded by other updates.

Languages supported

The languages supported for this specific update.

Update ID

Unique ID for this update.

Revision ID

An update revision is a version of an update that contains changes compared to the version that was last published. For example, the change might be an updated EULA or UI text, updated applicability rules for computers, modified language support or changes made to the actual update files.



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