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External tools integrates the use of 3. party programs directly from the CapaInstaller Console.

Usage Examples:

  • Remotely control a device or computer
  • Reboot a remote computer
  • Ping or lookup a device or computer
  • View a remote log file on the selected computer

There is no need to open an command prompt and start typing commands! Once the command and parameteres have been added as an External tool, the functionality is available as a right click menu entry for Computers, Mobile Devices and Users!

 Launching an External Tool

  • Go to Configuration Management
  • Locate a device, user or computer
  • Right Click and expand the External Tools menu
  • Select the external tool from the list

Connecting to a remote client with a Remote Desktop external tool

External tools that interact directly with client machines, such as Remote Desktop and the Remote Task Manager, can sometimes be blocked by Windows security settings, especially if a local firewall is running on the client. You may need to make special client configurations to ensure that they will accept your attempts to manage them with your external tools. Please see an up-to-date Windows reference for details about how to work with Windows security.

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