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The following is a description of the Views folder in Configuration Management. Views are much like the groups in CMS, in that they are used to view a part of the infrastructure of your company. The main difference between the two is that views are not used for distribution or maintenance etc, but are merely a view of a certain area of the company.
The views will be able to supply information on reinstallation of computers, the overall performance and logon and startup times of your companys computers.
The Console includes several types of views, each of which is introduced below.

  • Reinstall view
  • Utilization view
  • Startup/logon view

Field descriptions



Reinstall view

The reinstall view shows all computers that are currently scheduled to be reinstalled or are in the process of being reinstalled.

Utilization View

The utilization views show which computers are above a specified utilization threshold, which is based on the usage of the their CPU, memory and hard drive.

Startup Logon view

The startup and logon views shows which computers are at or above a specified threshold based on either startup or logon time.

Unhealthy Agents

Shows clients with a agent flagged as unhealthy.


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