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This payload can be used to limit a device to run a list of whitelisted apps only. This feature is not natively supported by the Android operating System, so before real use it is recommended that this is tested on the used devices.

The CapaInstaller Android agent version must be at least 1.0.291. The Default Launcher app on the device will by Default be added to the whitelist.



First you need to select the apps the device should whitelist. It can be one of the standard preinstalled apps (like gmail or dialer), or it can be an app from PlayStore or Enterprise apps.


Device restricted text

Here you can write the text that will be shown to the end user when he/she opens a non whitelisted app. Please note that the device will give the identifier for the non whitelisted app if you click the restriction note blocking the screen.

This app is not allowed to be used

Device restricted icon

If you want to use your own icon you can insert it here

Allow use of settings (including PIN/Passcode settings)Shall it be possible for the end user to enter settings menu ?[Not Checked]

Set application hidden
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