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Software is available in the Asset Management module and can be managed from a lot of different angles. After it has been created in the database the lifecycle begins, click any of the following links to learn more about working with software. Some of the links is available from right clicking on software in the All Software folder others are available from Metering module, application groups etc.
The following is set up as a workflow from registration to daily operation and ends with retiring by delete.





Discovered applications
Discovered files

Based on the scanning method applications are either discovered as “discovered application” or “discovered file”.

Create an application group

If you want to register the software prior to scan you can create an application group.

Use unmanaged software queries

Create a list of the unlicensed software you have.


Right click and click Edit to update your application group with relevant information.

Define license to software

Register the license for the software for either department or group.

Create a query

Create a query for all files with unique criteria.


Work with links

Software can be assigned to PC´s, groups and users.

Work with metering

Make the software available for the end user and setup rules for metering.

Daily Operations

Create a report

Use the software in different reports.

Rename an application group

Give existing group another name.

Create a report

Right click on the software and mark Show in reporting.



Right click on the software, and click delete.

If you want to...

You can...

Understand the deployment of software

Software deployment steps to see how.

See installation status on a package

Open Configuration Management/click on Units/click on the pc and the packages assigned to the pc will be listed with current status in the content pane.

See packages scheduled to a pc

Open Configuration Management/click on Units/click on the pc/click on the packages tab in the detail view.

Learn more about software packages

Work with packages to go to Configuration Management.

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