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The following is a description of how to add to Buffer. As you use the CapaInstaller Console, much of your work will involve applying packages to units, assembling units into groups, and doing other tasks that involve applying settings to several items at once applied packages one-at-a-time using drag and drop. In this lesson, we will make a similar operation, but apply it to several units at once using copy/paste.
Unlike most other programs, which hold just one item in the copy buffer at a time, the CapaInstaller Console buffer grows each time you add a new unit to it, thereby including all of the units that you have copied in the current session. This is useful if you need to look under several different headings to find all of the units you want to add to a new group or package.
Furthermore, the Console includes two separate buffers: one for computers and one for users.




Go to the CapaInstaller Console and select the All Computers heading in the left frame. All of the available computers are then listed in the right frame.


In the right frame, click and drag to select the computers you want to add.


Right-click on the selection and choose Edit/_Add to Buffer_ or (Ctrl + C) from the context menu.


Click on the Buffer item in the status bar (at the bottom right side of the Console Window).

Note the Clear buffer after paste entry that appears here. This entry can appear in one of two states:

  • Marked: if a checkmark appears, then the contents of the buffer will be emptied after each paste.
  • Cleared: if no checkmark appears, then the content of the buffer will remain in the buffer after each paste. Select this entry to toggle the checkmark.


Select View/Buffer from the pop-up menu. The contents of your selected buffer are then displayed.



Click away from the buffer list to close it.


Right-click on the software package in the left frame you want to add the computers to and select Edit/_Paste x Computers or (Ctrl + B)_ from the context menu. (Note that there is also an entry here to clear the buffer.)


Select the Software package folder and look at the display in the right frame to confirm that the three new computers are now listed as waiting to install this package.


Expand the recent heading in the left frame and note that the three new computers are now listed there as recently used.

If you want to...

You can...

Delete a computer from the buffer

Select the computer and press delete on your keyboard.

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