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The following is a description of how to use the CapaInstaller Configurator application for fast bulk enrollment of Android devices,  enabling the use of Android Device Owner specific configurations. 


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  • A brand new Android Device Owner capable device or one that has just been factory reset

  • The Capainstaller Configurator App installed on the device used to distribute the configurations

    Google Play Store

     Downloading the Configurator App from Google Play Store...

    This method is the recommended method of getting the Configurator App.

    Updates are handled automatically by the device and are taken directly from the Play Store when a new version arrives.

    Download the Configurator App from the Google Play Store

    CapaInstaller Configurator

    A Google Account configured on the device is needed for accessing and downloading from the Google Play Store

    If the App is not available on the Play store and you get an error page when trying to download - the app may be down for maintenance or upgrade - please try again at a later time

    Android Enterprise Application

     Manually distributing the Configurator App as an Enterprise Application...
    • Right Click the Configuration Management point and select Open Folder in Windows Explorer

    • Browse to ResourcesCapainstallerConfigurator and copy the path

    • Create an Enterprise Device Application
    • Paste the path and select the CIConfigurator.apk

      This method is on
      Remember to keep the Device Application updated with the latest version of the CapaInstaller Configurator app, whenever you update your CapaInstaller Solution!

      Updating an Enterprise Device Application

For NFC enrollment

  • Native Android device only
  • Android 5.0+ device with NFC capabilities

For QR code enrollment

  • Android 7.0.1+ device

 Initial Setup

 How to setup the Enrollment Configurator

  • Open the Capainstaller Configurator App

  • Approve Permissions
  • Choose Settings from the drawer menu
  • Select MDM URL
    • Input URL for MDM service
  • Select Refresh enrollment configurations, this will fetch all your available enrollment configurations
  • Select Enrollment Configurations and pick a configuration to use as default

 Creating Profiles

 How to create a new Profile

  • Select the action button to begin the provisioning profile wizard

  • Select the platform version for the devices to be enrolled with this Profile, not the device running the Configurator app.

1. Service settings

  • Input the URL to the MDM service and the enrollment id of the enrollment configuration to be used.

    • If a default MDM URL or a default enrollment configuration is present, these will be used here

2. WiFi settings (Optional)

  • Input Wi-Fi password, SSID and security type for the network the device will connect to
    • If no Wi-Fi settings are provided, the device will prompt for Wi-Fi during the provisioning process or use mobile data if available

3. Device configuration (Optional)

  • Input the Timezone and locale the enrolled device will use
    • If no Timezone or Locale is provided, the device will be enrolled with the factory default language and timezone

4. Agent (Optional)

  • Input the Alias of the device to be enrolled
    • If no Alias is provided, the device will be enrolled with the factory default name

Remember to save the Profile if you wish to use it as a template for later use.

 NFC Enrollment

 How to enroll with NFC Beaming...

To simplify enrolling many devices with a specific configuration, CapaInstaller provides the possibility to wirelessly enroll devices with NFC support.

Using a master device to distribute the configuration to the new or reset devices makes bulk enrollment fast and simple.

  • Choose a previously saved Profile

  • Select the Begin NFC enrollment action button.
  • Wait 5-10 seconds for the App to validate the MDM URL and the configuration is ready to transfer.

  • "Bump" the two devices, and press the screen to transfer the provisioning profile.

    Once the transfer is complete the provisioning flow will begin. Just follow the guide available on the screen.

    During the provisioning flow, the CapaInstaller Agent will be downloaded, enrolled and set as Device Owner.

 QR Enrollment 

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Image result for android welcome screen qr

  • Select Qr code from the drawer menu
  • Choose the Profile to create a QR code from
  • Wait 5-10 seconds for the App to validate the MDM URL and create a QR code.
  • Select the  action button to print, save or mail the QR code

  1. On a new or factory-reset device, tap the screen 7 times in the same spot.
  2. The setup wizard prompts to connect to the Internet so the setup wizard can download a QR code reader.
  3. Google Play services download a module that contains a QR code recognition engine.
  4. Scan the QR code created in the previous step to enroll the device.