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With Apple Business Manager, organizations can start managing their devices even before they ship from the store.

With the help of CapaInstaller’s Apple Business Manager integration, the processes of initial device setup, supervising devices over the air, and deploying profiles and apps are made simple and fast.

Apple Device Enrollment Program changed its name to Apple Business Manager in May 2018. Apple Device Enrollment Program must be upgraded to Apple Business Manager.

Website: Apple Business Manager

 Activation and enrollment

Once activated, the devices will retrieve the assigned DEP profile from Apple, and the setup assistant will guide the user through the specified steps.

The devices will be enrolled in CapaInstaller, receive any VPP licenses it needs and install apps and profiles, according to the DEP profile it was assigned.

If you configure your DEP Profiles to supervise devices, and your apps use device-assigned VPP licenses, the installation of apps can be done silently without bothering the user.

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How to use Apple Business Manager (Apple DEP)

Available from

CapaInstaller Build 5.3.102