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Business Units

CapaInstaller® 5.1 introduces a new way to manage your ever-expanding installation. Individual customers, departments, locations or other logical entities in your organization can now be managed separately in a single Business Unit in the CapaInstaller Console. Focus your attention on the task at hand and optimize your workflows! Enterprise customers and Partners offering CapaInstaller as a service to their customers will now use the same workflows and enjoy uniform support with the new integrated Business Units in our solution.

Bullets on Business Unit entity

  • A Unit can be linked to none or one Business Unit.
  • A Package can be linked-to none, one or more Business Units.
  • An MDM Profile can be linked-to none, one or more Business Units.
  • A Group can be linked-to none or one Business Unit
  • A Configuration Management view that has a relation to a Business Unit is limit to the specific Business Unit
  • Business Units can be selected as Static Criteria in reporting, giving the power to limit a report or query to a specific Business Unit.
  • Business Units can be used to report licenses in the same way as Department Groups has been used earlier

Bullets on the usage of the Business Unit entity

  • Configuration Management: Child nodes of a Business Unit is loaded on expanding of the Business Unit node
  • Dynamic groups linked to a Business Unit will only be populated with units linked to the business unit
  • Dynamic groups not linked to a Business Unit has no limits on unit membership.

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