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Adds a CustomInventory row to the database that is persistent, meaning that the data will not be flushed out the next time that the CustomInventory package is run.


CMS_AddCustomInventory(category, entry, value, valuetype)


category (String)

Category name

entry (String)

variable name

value (string)

value (string)

If you are inserting a Time (valuetype: "T") it must be set in epoch-time, meaning seconds since January 1. 1970. The scripting library has a function called GetEpochTime, which will convert a date to seconds since 1-1-1970.

If you want to use 'now' as the value, you can either insert;

  • an empty string ("")
  • or the value ("0")

valuetype (string)

The type of the value

Valid valuetypes are;

  • "S" for string
  • "I" for integer
  • "T" for time


If bStatus Then bStatus = CMS_AddCustomInventory("Customer Inventory", "Install time packages", "112", "I")
If bStatus Then bStatus = CMS_AddCustomInventory("Bitlocker", "TPM Chip - Enabled", "True", "S")
If bStatus Then bStatus = CMS_AddCustomInventory("Bitlocker", "TPM Chip - Manufactured", "1694973146", "T")
If bStatus Then bStatus = CMS_AddCustomInventory("CustomerValue1", "Last Driver Update", "", "T")

Scripting Guidelines

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