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Defines end user cancellation.
iMax defines maximum number of times the end user can cancel the job
iTimeOut defines the expiration date. Date format is YYYYMMDD
sMode defines the behaviour of End User cancellation. Then value can be:
· IF USER LOGGED ON: If an end user has been logged on to the computer the end user cancellation message will be displayed.
· ALWAYS: The end user cancellation message will always be displayed.
· NEVER: End user cancellation is deactivated 



CMS_DefineEndUserCancellation(iMax, iTimeOut, sMode) as Boolean



iMax (Integer)

Maximum number of cancellations

iTimeOut (Integer)

End user cancellation date

sMode (String)

End User cancellation mode (see description)



If bStatus Then bStatus = CMS_DefineEndUserCancellation(10, 20010621, "IF USER LOGGED ON")

Scripting Guidelines


Related functions

CMS_CheckEndUserCancellation CMS_JobRetryLater Job_InstallationStart

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