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Implemented in CapaInstaller 5.0 Build 103

Will set the status of the running package to 'Not Compliant'.

This function will set bStatus to FALSE in order to skip the Job execution. 
This function is intended to be used before the package has been downloaded and/or before the user has been prompted to allow installation of the package. 

The example below shows how this function could be used in a real world situation. The CompliancyCheck function could be included in the package itself or provided via CustomLib.cis and will prevent a package from running on 64 bit OS in this case.



CMS_SetPackageStatusToNotCompliant() as Boolean



Function CompliancyCheck()
  Dim bStatus : bStatus = True
  If gbx64 Then
    If bStatus Then bStatus = Job_WriteLog("CompliancyCheck", "Package is not allowed to run on 64 bit OS", bStatus, True)
    If bStatus Then bStatus = CMS_SetPackageStatusToNotCompliant()
  End If
  CompliancyCheck = bStatus
End Function

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