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 CapaInstaller protects your data

CapaInstaller handles the task of managing computing devices in a broad range from servers to smartphones.

During these management processes data is sent back and forth between the devices, the device manufacturers push-network clouds and the CapaInstaller servers.

Some questions about the data and how these are handled from at data protection viewpoint might arise. 

This document addresses such questions for organizations using CapaInstaller.

What Does CapaInstaller collect from Enrolled Devices?

CapaInstaller only collects:
CapaInstaller never collects:
  • Personal information (accounts, picture libraries, or address book entries)
  • Location data (GPS or cell tower data) without administrator consent (e.g. with Lost Mode)
  • Personal communication (personal e-mails, multimedia messages, or short messages)
  • Usage statistics (please note that usage statistics fields in the above example screenshot are not populated on mobile platforms)

Where is data stored?

  • Collected Data is stored on servers chosen by the organization. These are the servers assigned as the CapaInstaller main server and Database server.
  • Data never leaves the location of these servers. If placed in-house, data never leaves the organization.
  • The data stored on the organization servers are not accessible by CapaSystems or 3. parties without prior consent.