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CIConsole (CapaInstaller Console)

Cipc (CapaInstaller Package Creator)

Cibackend (CapaInstaller Backend Service)

Cifrontend (CapaInstaller Frontend Service)

Cidal (CapaInstaller Data Access Service)

Ciboot (CapaInstaller Boot Service)

Cimdm (CapaInstaller Mobile Device Management Service)

Cirepl (CapaInstaller Replicator Service)

Cisync (CapaInstaller Synchronization Service)

Ciosdeployment (CapaInstaller OS Deployment Service)

Cistub (CapaInstaller Agent Service)

Ciinstsvc (CapaInstaller Health and Installation Service)

Capabaseagent (CapaSystems Base Agent)

Cibaseagent (CapaInstaller Base Agent)

CIScep (CapaInstaller Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol Service)

Cipms (CapaInstaller Patch Management Service )

Capainstaller infocenter (CapaInstaller Agent Infocenter)

Capainstaller agent (CapaInstaller Agent)

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