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CapaInstaller Configuration management offers a centralized solution for packaging, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining software installations for all networked devices. The solution can perform advanced software deployment with or without end-user intervention and without requiring IT staff to visit the target clients. CapaInstaller Configuration Management greatly enhances the ability of IT managers to create and maintain secure and stable environments for all users. The solution helps ensure optimal performance on all computers while reducing the cost and effort required for administration, installation, maintenance, and support.
CapaInstaller Configuration Management includes all of the tools you need to create software installation packages that will install correctly everywhere, even when distributed to computers with widely varying hardware and software configurations. Streamline your package creation process by using CapaInstaller ezMSI and CapaInstaller Package Creator, which generates scripted installation packages that deliver success rates as high as 99-100%, even in complex, heterogeneous environments.
Packages can contain complete applications or command lines to run files already present on the client, without actually containing additional source files. Jobs are used to specifying which groups receive the program and the package. The CapaInstaller Configuration Management feature provides a set of tools to manage the life cycle management of software packages from creation to retiring.
In the Configuration Management tool, it is possible to build a system reflecting your it-infrastructure and thereby manage the deployment of software according to best practice. Click any link to get a closer look at the CapaInstaller Configuration Management plug-in.

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