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Units can be created from the File Menu in Unit view or by right-clicking on the different unit folders.




Unit name

Name of the computer.

Unit typeSelect Unit type Computer
PlatformSelect the platform for the computer. Select Auto-detect, for the platform to be defined from collected inventory
ModelThe model cannot be defined for a computer


The unique identifier for the computer

Serial numberThe serial number of the computer. This is the same serial number, as collected from the hardware inventory




Management Point or folder to place the new computer in.

Business unitLink the computer to the selected Business unit

Bind to server

Name of the container the computer will be connected to and where it will deliver its Inventory to and get it packages from.

DepartmentLink the computer to the selected department
Primary userThe primary user is not available when creating a computer

Copy of unit

You can make the new computer a copy of another unit, then it will be linked to the same groups and packages.

Change description

Description of the changes to the Changelog.




Open Asset Management in Asset view, click File/New, or right-click on the folder you want to contain the new unit and click New Unit.  

2Type the computer name you want, this must be unique and aligned with your company standards.  
3Select the computer in the Unit type.


Select the Platform for the device. For a computer, the platform can be Windows, OSX or Auto-detect


Enter the unique identifier for the device.


Type the serial number of the device. If you do not know the serial number, leave the input empty and it will be collected from inventory.


Choose the Point/folder.  

9Select a Business Unit for the device


Choose from the list which server you want to bind the unit to.

11Select a department for the device


If you want to use another unit to copy from, please enter the unit name.


Enter comments and click OK. The unit is now available in the tree view list.

If you want to...

You can...

Add a query

Create a query to see how.

Delete a group

Right-click on the Application Group and click delete.

Make a computer inactive

Right-click on the computer and click Set inactive.

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