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An application group is a logical group which makes it possible to collect all the software related to the same license. An application group folder is created and software is entered by a query. This can either be software from the all software group or the Citrix group. For every type of software you have, you must create an application group. After creating the licenses must be added.




Click on the Software view.


Right-click on the Application groups folder, and click Create a new application group.



Type the name of the application group and click OK.


Click on the folder group in the tree view and you will see the properties expand in the properties area.

If you want to...

You can...

Learn about discovered applications

Discovered applications to see how.

Setup group queries

Create a query to see how.

Add licenses

Work with the application group license to see how.

Add metering executable

Metering executable to see how.

Enable metering history

Setup a metering history to see how.

Delete a group

Right-click on the Application Group and click delete.

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