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A passive server type “Distribution server” is available in CapaInstaller.

The server does not handle unit requests it simply holds Packages and OS models and images.

The server can be deployed via the standard method offered by the system plugin or offline.





Right-click on a Management Server, and select "Deploy Distribution Server to a Windows-based computer/server".


If the offline installation is chosen the server will only be created in the database.

If the offline installation is chosen the “Data Connection Service” has to be deployed before the “Distribution Server” can be deployed

Enter the name of the Management server as you would like it to be displayed en the Management Solution.

Enter the name of the server on which to deploy the Management Server.

The share name will follow the Management Point.

Specify the local drive letter and folder on which to place the files and folders.

3Click on 'Enable Management account' and enter user name and password if a management account is needed


- Select how service files are copied to target Server - Select how framework files are copied to target Server - Select the source server


The deployment process will now start. If this is an online installation, the share will be created and security will be applied. Initial files and folders will be copied to the share.

6Deployment completed, choose your next step

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