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The following is a description of the Discovered Applications folder in Software Management. All the software registered as an application is available. Software is registered in CMS during a software inventory scan. The Console can provide a list of applications installed on any computer that runs the Software Management package, which is part of the CapaInstaller Asset Management Solution. Entering the Software Management system the software is divided into 3 groups, they are described in the following.




Application groups

The creation of a logical group makes it possible to collect all the software related to the same license. An application group folder is created and software is entered manually or by a query. This can either be software from the all software group or the Citrix group. Out of the box, only the main folder called Application Group is created.

Work with application groups

All software

The CapaInstaller Agent scans a computer for applications, it is essentially the applications listed in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel that is returned to create the list of software installed on them. Software registered from the discovered files folder and based on an exe file from the scan is also available from here. A unique name and version are returned for every installation.

Work with software

All Citrix

This is the folder for all software running on Citrix servers.

Unmanaged software

Creates a list of unlicensed software

Unmanaged software queries

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