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Returns all Inventory packages.


GetAllInventoryPackages(Optional Byval PackageType as String = "") as ArrayList


PackageType (String)

Type of package

  • "Computer"
  • "User"

This parameter is optional, meaning that it is not required. If not stated, all inventory packages are returned

Return value

The function returns an array of Inventory packages. Each package (p) in the array is a joined line with the character defined with Set splitter

  • p.Name
  • p.Version
  • p.Type
  • p.DisplayName
  • p.IsMandatory
  • p.ScheduleId
  • p.Description
  • p.GUID
  • p.ID
  • p.IsInteractive
  • p.DependendPackageID
  • p.IsInventoryPackage
  • p.CollectMode
  • p.Priority
  • p.ServerDeploy


Set oCMS = CreateObject("CapaInstaller.SDK") 
Set aUnit = CreateObject("System.Collections.ArrayList") 
oCMS.SetSplitter (";")
Set aUnit =  oCMS.GetAllInventoryPackages("Computer") 
for each item in aUnit 
  wscript.echo split(item,";")(2) & vbtab & split(item,";")(1)  & vbtab & split(item,";")(0)


The output from the example above could look like this;

Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Computer        v4.1    CitrixInventory
Computer        v4.1    CMS4-Upgrade
Computer        v4.1    CustomInventory
Computer        v4.1    CustomSoftwareInventory
Computer        v4.1    FileScanner
Computer        v4.1    HFInventory
Computer        v4.1    HotFixInstaller
Computer        v4.1    HWInventory
Computer        v4.1    License Consolidation
Computer        v4.1    LogonInventory
Computer        v4.1    PerformanceGuard
Computer        v4.1    SWInventory
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