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The following is a description of the steps to follow to set up the CapaInstaller to work according to best practice.



Planning the installation

We recommend that you prepare a detailed implementation plan before you install CapaInstaller.
* Start by drawing up an overview of your existing network. The overview must contain information about servers, available disk space, LAN/WAN connections, etc.

Identify the locations at which you need to establish a CapaInstaller Management Server or Distribution Server to distribute the load. 

There will typically be a high volume of traffic between each client and its assigned Management Server, so you should try to keep this traffic from traveling over slow or congested connections. Typically, you should include a Container at each site or segment. Packages will also be synchronized between Containers, so communication between them and with the CapaInstaller Replicator is also required. The size of each Container depends both on the number of units supported by the Container and the number of software packages you are managing. Each unit connected to the Server will use about 500 KB of disk space; the default Container packages and folder structure take about 50 MB, but you will usually need to reserve several gigabytes to hold all of the other installation packages that you wish to distribute through the solution.  

Minimum Hardware RequirementsRequirements for hardware
Software RequirementsSoftware requirements

Managing Licenses

Request a license

How to install

Install according to the plan created.

The ConsoleRead more about the CapaInstaller Console and the use of it
Getting started guides and overviews on plugins
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