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The following is a description of the process involved in adding and promoting previously captured image to CapaInstaller OSD.

The images supported are based on the Windows Image format (.wim)

Adding a captured Image

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  • Right click on Images in the root Point and select Add Windows Image
  • Browse for the imagefile in your Captures folder
    • The folder is by default located in your root OSD Point
    • If you wish to use the filename as a Imagename or Description, you can mark the name and copy to clipboard
  • Specify the name of the image and an optional Decription of the image.
  • Select what Operating System the file is Captured from
  • Click OK and wait a couple of minutes for the addition to complete. Transfer speeds are dependent on network and disk speeds.

Image properties

Right-clicking on an image gives you the following options:

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  • Promote

Lets you promote the items on the CapaInstaller OS Deployment Point to a child point.  This can only be done if a child point has been created.
Click Next to promote the image to the child Deployment Point.

  • Delete

Lets you delete the image. You are asked to confirm this.

  • Properties

Displays the properties for the image. For a detailed description of the individual fields, see above.

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