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Displays message box when pre-check in the script has been executed with success if installation mode is equal to Job_AttendedInstallation or Logoffinstallation.



Job_InstallationStart(sMsg, sEstimatedTime, iInterval, iTimeOut) As Boolean



sMsg (String)

Message to inform user

sEstimatedTime (String)

Estimated time (in minutes) for installation

iInterval (Integer)

Interval between a logged on check. Interval is defined in minutes.

iTimeOut (Integer)

Logoff Timeout. If the user hasn't logged off before iTimeout the "Installation start" message will re-arrive. Timeout is defined in minutes


If bStatus Then bStatus = Job_InstallationStart("CapaInstaller", "5", 10, 2)

Scripting Guidelines


Related functions

Job_AttendedInstallation Job_InstallationCompleted Job_PostInstallProcedure Job_SilentInstallation

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