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Checks the MSI Engine state. If the state is 'Transaction' the installation is postponed. If the installation is being postphoned it is being retried a number of times with a given interval. The default values are: Retries: 30 times Interval: 60 seconds. The above values can be changed using the function MSI_SetRetryValues. 

NOTE: The function will automatically be called if Shell_Execute is running msiexec.exe



MSI_CheckEngineState() As Boolean


Return value

Result will be stored in gsValue



If bStatus Then bStatus = MSI_SetRetryValues(45, 90)
If bStatus Then bStatus = MSI_CheckEngineState()
If bStatus And UCase(gsValue) = "TRANSACTION" Then 
  bStatus = Job_WriteLog("Custom", "MSI Engine is in transaction phase. Installation is being postponed", bStatus, True)
End If

Scripting Guidelines


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