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All CapaInstaller installations using Configuration Management must include at least one Management Point and one Management Server.
The Management Server holds the installation packages that will run on a client attached to the Management Server.
It is also the conduit through which commands and messages are passed between the CapaInstaller Agent running on each client and the CapaInstaller Database.
Each Management Server is simply a set of folders and sub-folders organized in a way that enables the CapaInstaller Replicators and Agents to find their required files.
For some installations, there will only be one Management Server for the entire organization, while at others there may be several, thereby allowing better control over the network traffic generated between each Management Server and its associated clients.


When several Management Servers are used, the CapaInstaller Synchronization Service will be responsible for synchronizing the necessary installation packages through the hierarchy of Management Server from their top-most Management Point down to each appropriate local Management Server. 

The Synchronization Service is installed along with the deployment of the Management Server.

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