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Maps a network drive. Can disconnect if an existing drive is mapped. Use Domain\UserName if you wish to map a drive using another User. 
Using * as password, the CapaInstaller reads and decrypts the password if it has been encrypted using CapaInstaller. 
See more about the password encryption feature here



Net_MapNetworkDrive(sDrive, sServerShare, bDisconnectExisting, sUserName, sPassword) As Boolean



sDrive (String)

Drive letter to map

sServerShare (String)

UNC path to map

bDisconnectExisting (Boolean)

Disconnect existing device if already mapped

sUserName (String)

Username. Use if you must connect with another user

sPassword (String)

Password for the user. Use * if the password is encrypted by CapaInstaller in registry


If bStatus Then bStatus = Net_MapNetworkDrive("Q:", "\\CAPAINSTALLER\PRINTERSHARE", True, "", "") 

Scripting Guidelines


Related functions

Net_RemoveNetworkDrive Net_EnumNetworkDrives Net_EnumNetworkDrivePaths

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