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The following is a description of an OS Deployment server, its purpose and functionality. The CapaInstaller OS Deployment server contains the components shown in the illustration below.



CapaInstaller OS Deployment client

For further details, OS Deployment client.

Windows PE

For further details, WinPE.


For further details, Models.

TFTPD service

The TFTPD service handles Windows PE download requests.


For further details, Images.


For further details, Drivers.

CapaInstaller sync service

The CapaInstaller synchronization service updates the OS Deployment server components at regular intervals. When an update is performed, the server is updated with the latest configuration and modules from the OS Deployment point.

Field descriptions 




Specify a name for the CapaInstaller OS Deployment server.

ReplicaSpecify whether the server is a replica of its parents or not. If you choose "Server is not an replica of it's parent" you have to assign models manually


Enter a custom description that will be added to the change log.




Server IP Address

Select the IP address you wish to configure, this refers to the network interface, allowing OSD servers to handle boot on one or more network interfaces.

PXE boot server

The PXE server that will allow client to boot OSD from this interface

PXE boot type

The type of boot OSD will provide for this interface   Manual, display a menu allow to user to select between several options IPSubnet, control which OSD server the client is booted from using IP ranges

PXE menu location

Public, the normal menu everybody can see Admin, the menu only displayed when using special key during the PXE boot

PXE menu item name

The text identifying this specific interface in the PXE boot menu

IP subnet

The IP ranges linked to this interface, any client booting from such a range will be directed to the selected interface during boot.




Specify the credentials to use when accessing the OSD Server from OSDGUI.





IP Address

The IP address identifying the interface

Management Point

The Management Point that clients/Agents will be integrated to during deployment

Management Server

The Management Server that clients/agents will be integrated to during deployment

Right-clicking on a deployment server gives you the following options:



Create OS Deployment Server

Opens the Create New Deployment Server dialog.

Update now

Sends a request to “Update OS Deployment Server now”. All components and configurations will be synchronized with the server from the OS Deployment point.



Deletes the selected server.



Displays the properties for the server. For a detailed description of the individual fields, see above.

Capture Mode

Enabling or disabling Capture Mode of the Deployment Server, changes the security permission for the OSD Loader username from read to modify permissions. Capture Mode can only be changed on Deployment Servers, which are attached to root Deployment Points.


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