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The Package category contains functions to retrieve information from packages and manipulate them.



Add package to group

Add package to a group

Add package to management server

Add package to a Management Server

Clone PackageClone Package
Copy PackageCopy Package

Create package

Create a Package

Disable Package ScheduleDisable Package Schedule
Enable Package ScheduleEnable Package Schedule

Exist package

Exist a package

Export package

Export a package.

Get all inventory packages

Get All Inventory Packages

Get all none inventory packages

Get All None Inventory Packages

Get group packages

Gets packages linked to a group.

Get log

Get a log for a package

Get Package Description

Get's a Package Discription

Get Package Folder

Get's a Package Folder

Get packages

Get All Packages

Get packages on Business Unit

Get's a package from Business Unit

Get packages on management server

Get packages on a Management Server.

Get package status

Get Package Status

Import package

Import a package

Promote PackagePromote package
Remove Package From BusinessUnitRemoves a package from a businessUnit

Remove package from group

Remove package from a group

Remove package from management server

Remove package from a Management Server

Set Package DescriptionSet's a Package Description
Set Package FolderSet Package Folder
Set Package PropertySet Package Property

Set Package Schedule

Set Package Schedule
Update Now on Package'Update Now' on package

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