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The following is an introduction to the Performance Guard Views in CMS.
A number of views are available to analyze the performance, startup times, and logon times of the computers in your organization.
Utilization index views let you get a clear picture of how well your computers are performing, and quickly identify those that are above a defined acceptable threshold. Those above that threshold might be in need of either software or hardware upgrades or other optimizations to improve performance. Using the detailed graph may help narrow down the specific needs of a computer to either the CPU, memory, or hard drive issues.
Startup and login views will help you identify computers in your organization, which is taking longer than what you consider acceptable to startup or logon. There can be a number of reasons why a startup or logon may take a long time to finish, and these views let you focus on those computers with the biggest issues.
The views are available in Configuration Management, and below you can follow the links to get more information on them.

Field descriptions



Utilization View

The utilization views show which computers are above a specified utilization threshold, which is based on the usage of their CPU, memory, and hard drive.

Startup Logon view

The startup and logon views show which computers are at or above a specified threshold based on either startup or logon time.

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