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Rebuilds CapaInstaller.kit file on all Management Servers in the given Management Point. The function sets an action for the assigned Replicator to perform


Public Function RebuildKitFileOnPoint(ByVal packageName As String, ByVal packageVersion As String, ByVal packageType As String, ByVal pointID As Integer) As Boolean


PackageName (String)

The name of the package.

PackageVersion (String)

The package Version.

PackageType (String)

The package type;

  • 1 (Computer) 
  • 2 (User)


The Point ID

Return value

Boolean. The function returns True if successful, otherwise false.

Example 1

Set oCMS = CreateObject("CapaInstaller.SDK") 
wscript.echo oCMS.RebuildKitFileOnPoint("Acrobat Reader","v8.0","1",2) 

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